About Andrew

Following his introduction to the London insurance market arranging damage surveys on ships with The Salvage Association, Andrew moved on to work as a marine claims broker for Gault, Armstrong and Kemble, negotiating settlements on behalf of insured parties. He completed the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Associateship exams in 1982 and earned four awards when passing three Fellowship papers – Marine and Aviation Underwriting, Claims and Law – in 1984.

Andrew was a founding member of Craven and Partners, an insurance broker. Initially recruited to manage marine and energy claims he took on responsibilities for office management, systems administration and insurance broking accounts as well as the office of company secretary. Building on the skills he learned in running a small company, he set up his own consultancy in 1996.

As Altime Services, Andrew has worked in long-term relationships with clients of all sizes providing a wide range of services including static claims reviews, analysis, audits, accounts reconciliation, ECF workflow management, systems admin and company secretarial work. He uses the skills he has honed in Excel and Access to perform these tasks efficiently and, to enrich his offering of data analysis services, he has recently completed various university courses (MOOCs) in data science.

His inquisitive mind, combined with a flair for numbers, lends itself to analysing data to provide answers that aid decision-making. He has the instinct to know when a commercial view should take precedence over the technical, and where the potential benefit justifies additional investigation. He is a methodical and dependable day-to-day administrator, who also has the flexibility and vision to deal efficiently with the unexpected.