Evaluating changing workloads

Introducing Lloyd’s Claims Transformation Programme (CTP) was about to make significantly greater demands on a busy claims department. The insurer wanted to understand the current structure and workflow in the department, and what changes could enhance efficiency and flexibility while meeting the resource demands.

I played a key role in the project team tasked with data capture and analysis.

Our first challenge was to determine how to capture details of time spent on the various activities of 40 members of staff over four weeks. We needed to create a form that was easy to complete and recorded information uniformly.

We decided to use seven main questions with the answer to each dictating the options under the next. As claims analyst I designed and created the data capture form in Excel, using dependent drop-down lists. While the form was reasonably complex to set up, it was easy for users to understand and complete.

I ensured that nightly backup copies were taken of the results and alerts raised if no new activities were recorded in a day so that we could remind staff to complete the form. Once a week I imported the forms into an Access database and appended them to a master table that I had created.

With the data complete we could compare it with the insurer’s transactional data to evaluate the impact CTP was going to have on time being spent on core and peripheral activities. Using this knowledge we were able to make clear and objective recommendations around processes within the department to ensure the added workloads could be efficiently accommodated.