Implementing organisational change smoothly

A client was faced with the need to change work practices in its claims department as the result of a growing workload with limited resources. After analysis of how the department worked the insurer decided to transfer some functions to a new team in a different location.

Having identified the tasks that were most suitable for transfer, I analysed volumes using transactional data, together with observations obtained from existing personnel, to estimate workloads and staff numbers required.

It was important to bring the new team up to speed as quickly as possible. Personal training was difficult to maintain as the old and new teams were on different sites so clear and comprehensive training manuals were imperative. I combined my understanding of the claims processes involved with the flow charts that had been created during the analysis phase to create easy-to-follow guides for the new staff.

Straightforward transfer of operational systems was just as important to ensure smooth migration to the new team. I arranged access to all systems required for the new staff and assisted with training and technical support to ensure that the transfer went smoothly.