Managing system changes from scratch

I was involved in managing electronic claims files (ECFs) workflow for this insurer from the outset. Originally the client used a central spreadsheet to manage ECFs but as volumes grew this became unwieldy. It was my role to ensure the smooth transfer of open transactions initially onto a bespoke company portal and latterly onto Xchanging’s real-time Claims Workflow Service (CWS).

It was my understanding of the business along with the software functionality that enabled me to design the allocation rules at each stage. It also meant I was well placed to communicate with both claims adjusters and IT developers when faults arose or change requests were needed.

I took part in market acceptance testing (MAT) at various stages of ECF2 development and attended meetings of the user group committee tasked with agreeing changes to functional specifications.

I created a database of ECF2 reports and designed internal reports for adjusters and management that helped them manage response times on claims awaiting action as well as summarising historical performance.